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LUXHUB Marketplace is a collaborative, end-to-end platform, bringing together traditional financial actors, Fintechs, and many others within the new API economy. Innovation imposes collaboration!

Simple, step-by-step process: from Registration to Production


Setup your Personal Account

(it takes 2 minutes)

Setup your Personal Account

(it takes 2 minutes)

Complete the DEMO

  • Access the LUXHUB ONE API
  • Get acquainted with the Developer Portal
  • Create an application configuration with the LUXHUB ONE API
  • Download mock certificates and keys (built-in feature)
  • Obtain a token
  • Call the LUXHUB ONE API endpoints (account information, payment)

Upgrade to an Organization Account

Choose between two API types & provide the required information

Regulated PSD2 APIs

  • Access ALL PSD2 APIs (No list is needed)
  • Once KYC process is complete, you receive a registration code
  • Upgrade your account using the code
  • Access ALL PSD2 APIs in Sandbox environment
  • Create applications in Sandbox environment

Non regulated APIs

  • Provide the list of APIs you are interested in
  • Receive your registration code
  • Upgrade your account using the code
  • Access subscribed APIs in Sandbox environment
  • Create application in Sandbox environment

Get access in Production

Regulated PSD2 APIs

  • After signing contract
  • Obtain valid QWAC and QSEAL certificates
  • Promote your access to Production (self-service)
  • Create application in Production

Non regulated APIs

  • Sign a contract with API Provider
  • LUXHUB will grant you access to Production environment
  • Create an application in Production to obtain access credentials
  • Go live

List your API(s) in the Marketplace

Become an API Provider
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Utilize our Developer Portal
  • Join an expanding network of innovators

User Profiles

Registration API Type Testing Available Products Flexibility Go Live Support
Personal Account unattended registration n/a test for free LUXHUB ONE DEMO Mock Sandbox NO NO
Organization Account Approved registration Regulated PSD2 test for free All PSD2 APIs Access to all Sandboxes YES YES
Non-Regulated test for free Subscribed APIs YES YES

LUXHUB ONE: your Open Banking master key

LUXHUB One provides a unified interface to access the PSD2 APIs of multiple providers, establishing a common data model, security profiles and authorization flows to overcome the complexities caused by differing implementation standards.

Therefore, as a consumer of LUXHUB One, you are able to seamlessly integrate the APIs of various PSD2 providers and thus provide easy access to PSD2 account information and payment initiation services to your customers.