Third Party Management API

Version:  1.037.014
State:  Published
Environment: Production
Base URI:

The LUXHUB Third Party Management provides: 

  • an OAuth2 like ''Dynamic Client Registration'' mechanism for 3rd Party registration to LUXHUB Platform and,
  • an API to users, applications and API access for the respective 3rd Party, with similar capabilities as via the LUXHUB Developer Portal.

    All endpoints require MTLS authentication.

    All endpoints, except Dynamic Client Registration (POST /register), require:
  • either an OAuth2 client credential access token or,
  • basic authentication with user name and password, if an user exists.

The normal flow of calls from a 3rd Party to obtain access to the LUXHUB Platform exposed APIs is:

  • POST /register to obtain a (client_id, client_secret) pair and have an organization created on the platform
  • GET /apis to get the list of available APIs on the platform
  • PUT /register/apis to update the list of accessible APIs for a 3rd Party
  • GET /register/code to obtain a registration code, which will enable user creation for LUXHUB Developer Portal access
  • POST /register/user creates a user for LUXHUB Developer Portal
  • GET /apis/{id}/image obtains image/logo of the respective API
  • GET /apis/{id}/swagger obtains OpenAPI 2/swagger file describing the respective API.


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