LUXHUB Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) API

Version:  2.0.2
State:  Published
Environment: Sandbox
Base URI:
Authorization Endpoint: N/A
Token Endpoint:
Types: OPEN


Product overview

Automated document


LUXHUB Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), powered by Accenture, uses AI technology and deep learning to assess, analyze and extract data from any document, increasing accuracy and efficiency, while removing time-consuming manual efforts.

Based on Accenture's SaaS solution, LUXHUB's API provides the first building block for automated document processing.

As an affordable, off-the-shelf solution, you can achieve excellent results quickly with minimal investment. 

6-step process

from obtaining the document to data validation  


A complete end-to-end automated solution, LUXHUB's ICR API, powered by Accenture, will reduce document processing time by approximately 90%.





Potential use cases

Enhanced onboarding, fraud protection, invoice payments

Our ICR API will be of great benefit to a wide range of companies and institutions, enabling faster onboarding, enhanced accident form handling and automatic invoice payments, among others.




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