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 What is PSD2?


PSD2 was adopted by the European Parliament in October 2015 to enhance security and catalyze greater innovation in digital banking, and progressively rolled-out between January 13, 2018 and September 14, 2019.

The implications of PSD2 includes the obligation for banks to open up their payment services to licensed Third Party Payment Service Providers (TPPs).

Focusing on Payment Initiation (PIS) and Account Information (AIS) services, this will lead to greater regulation, security and competition within the sector.

APIs & integration

The new directive has enhanced the importance of APIs within digital banking, as integrative tissue between the banks and TPPs.

The development of standardized APIs, alongside the provision of secure environments for testing and production, helps to simplify the process and optimize the efficiency of the integration process.

This, in turn, removes existing developmental barriers, while enhancing the innovative and collaborative potential of Open Finance.



Superior API standards
& service provision

Through a mutualized approach, we are able to provide intuitive, secure and reliable access to our XS2A interface to licensed TPPs. 

Comprehensive service provision ensures the sustainability of such standards and enables TPPs to confidently deliver exceptional value added services to their customers. 


Payment Initiation Services
in the PSD2 era

Enabling payments directly from a payment service user account, PIS can be operated by a licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) possessing an eIDAS certificate with PSP_PI role for initiating payments and checking the status of such payments, as instructed by PSU.

Account Information Services

in the PSD2 era

Aggregating multiple accounts into a single application for a holistic financial health, AIS can be operated by a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP) possessing an eIDAS certificate with PSP_AI role for accessing account information, as instructed by PSU, having explicit PSU consent.


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