Mortgage Insurance API

Version:  1.0
State:  Published
Environment: Sandbox
Base URI:
Types: OPEN


Product overview

LUXHUB’s first & only insurance API


By integrating real-time insurance quotes directly within your Core Banking System, you will now be able to directly sell the appropriate insurance to your customers.

With Bâloise’s immediate pricing offer, our API will enable you to grow revenue and increase time efficiency.

Product features

Mortgage insurance


Are your clients financing their investments through a loan? Provide them with Bâloise’s mortgage insurance, directly through our API .



3 key benefits

Simplicity, rapidity, excellence


You are able to utilize Bâloise’s Insurance API for straight forward and fast insurance quotes.





Customized, tax-deductible quotes

Real-time pricing




Decreasing term life insurance



Tax deductions


About the Provider

Company name

Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg

Corporate legal form

Public limited liability company (société anonyme)

Registered office

23, rue du Puits Romain, Bourmicht, L-8070 Bertrange

Company Registration Number

B 68 065

Incorporation date


Share capital

14.648.626,02 EUR

VAT number

1998 2235 882



Countries where services are provided

Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Regulated entity


Subject to AML obligations?




Are there any outsourced services or activities to 3rd parties?


Transfer of personal data outside EU?



Disclaimer: This overview is displayed for information purposes only, based on the information provided by the API provider to LUXHUB. Even though the API provider and LUXHUB are deploying their best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information, it may not be excluded that some of the information has become inaccurate at the time of your consultation. This overview shall not replace a verification on official sources.



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